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How long will it take to receive my new jewelry?

Shipping times will vary depending on whether an item is ‘in stock’ or if it has to be made-to-order. Production times vary from one company to another. Some jewelry will be mailed out next day, some will take longer. Generally you can expect to receive your jewelry anywhere from 1-4 weeks after purchase.

How can I find out what stage my jewelry is in, in regards to production time?

Email us! We’ll always be more than happy to keep you up to date on the timeframe you should be expecting before your jewelry makes it into your hands.

Can I email everyday asking for a status update on my order?

We understand the excitement that comes with purchasing a new piece of jewelry, but please refrain from messaging more than once a week to check the status of your order.

Can I exchange my jewelry once I’ve received it?

Due to the nature of body jewelry and it being in such close contact to various bodily fluids and discharge, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What happens if I received the wrong jewelry?

All jewelry will be mailed out in a tamper evident pouch. Prior to removing jewelry from pouch PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF IT IS CORRECT.

All orders will included a disposable insertion taper, ruler, and card describing the item inside. Use your ruler to confirm measurements on post are correct prior to removal from pouch, and make sure the description on the card matches the items in the pouch.

If there is an error on our behalf we will gladly exchange your jewelry for the correct piece or issue store credit if item is out of stock, as long as the item is still sealed in its pouch.

Why didn’t I receive a post for my new piece of jewelry?

Posts are universal to all our threadless ends. To save you from collecting (and spending) too many posts, our ends and post are sold separately.